We specialize in brand and message visibility Getting attention is one thing - but getting the right attention and keeping it is something else. Visibility is the first step toward a consistent presence of your brand and/or message in the minds of your customers and prospects. We can help in two fundamental ways: • We can integrate promotion into your marketing campaign with your own branded merchandise that supports your purposes - including merchandise you can SELL to recover your promotion costs or even make a little profit! • We can supply you with the branded goods for a campaign or a party, a team building exercise or a community wide awareness operation or any other scale for your business or cause.  Whether you are planning a merger or a wedding, want to promote your business or an important cause or a class reunion - we can provide all the named/branded/customized items you need to deliver the key message. We can help you create promotional ideas that work.  3D messages stick around longer than tv/radio commercials, billboards, hot air balloons and other traditional advertising.  The trick is to find the item your customer or prospect will use and value – and not just toss in a drawer. The challenge is to match your mission and message to the concept and the merchandise that will work together most naturally. We can support your brand and your message.  Just as you want your stationery and business cards to match, you want your decor and your employees to share a consistent and persistent image of your brand: from the mat at the front door to office furnishings, employee apparel and carry-alongs.  Whether you are looking to promote a business or a cause or a personal statement – we can make it public and persistent. We also want to help you generate revenue – not just spend money – from your promotional campaign. Clever design and useful merchandise can both drive interest and create actual monetary value.  A good- looking mug or shirt or other branded merchandise can sell to your customers.  Creating a revenue stream from your high profile promotional items will recover your costs, generate a profit margin and insure that your customer will make it visible and effective to demonstrate their own taste and opinion.  After paying for an attractive and/or effective piece – your promotional customer becomes an affiliated advocate for your brand and objectives. Copyright  © 2011 • PR Promotions LLC
See our new consumer site at Etsy.com  And our shop - PR Original Designs All items can be customized for promotional purposes, or simply purchased for personal use! If you are a Needlework or craft shop - you can acquire our line needleworjking aids through Norden Crafts - including our new Holiday designs! See our Custom Products page to learn more about custom-branded merchandise for your shop! We can help you design promotional products that pay for themselves!