We’ll help you sort through the options There are so many options - and within each option there are colors and sizes and more - so we really want to talk about what you have in mind and all the details necessary to execute it! We look forward to discussing your branding, communications, promotional and/or advertising needs! Email: PR Promotions - I have an idea! Other contact info: p: 614-442-8089 (sales/info) f: 614-448-4344 PR Promotions LLC is an Ohio enterprise, located in the Columbus area, dedicated to improving the world through clear, consistent communications, advertising and promotion.  We have worked with clients across the country, and welcome a chance to hear about your challenges. Copyright  © 2011 • PR Promotions LLC Call us for a consultation Let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and what your concerns are. What is your mission? What do you do? Who is your audience? Who cares, who is listening? What is your message? What do you want your audience to know and remember? How can promotion grow your revenues?  How can you recover your costs? We can help with: • finding the optimum products and vendors • low quantities (in some cases as low as “1”) • reliable vendors • low and fair pricing • create and refine art work • fastest possible turn-around We know you have a choice in accomplishing your promotional goals. There are certain categories of base merchandise you can find on the Web that appear to be at bargain basement prices – And if that approach works for you – Terrific! But before you place that order, consider this: • There are as many as 1,000,000 promotional merchandise items out there, from vendors originating everywhere from Ohio to China.  Will they help you determine if you have the best ideas?  • Have you found the most reliable vendors? • The best price overall?  • Quality and time to deliver? • Art work to specifications for production and printing?