Promotion that pays for itself!   Custom-designed, custom manufactured merchandise -- Carrying your brand, your message  --  and a price sticker! Just imagine! Tired of paying to brand pens with your logo, only to see them stuck them in a drawer, never to be noticed again?                 That’s the downside of the give-away promotion mentality.  A lot of money can be wasted if the gift is not a good fit to the behavior of your customer.  But PR Promotions has added a new dimension to promotion: we help you create new tailored merchandise that you know speaks directly to your customer about your brand.  Merchandise you can sell - that your customer will value so much they pay for it.  Merchandise that will be used, and makes your brand or message visible every time the product is used. This is the reality in the new economy of creative promotion: Branding attached to a product so useful it generates its own revenue - recovering the cost of promotion, and even generating a profit! Currently, we are working with tools for the needle arts community.  A hobby and art that has lasted thousands of years, needle arts are facing tough times in a challenged economy.  Retailers - even web sites - are working hard to get customers to come to the store, and to be excited about the merchandise they have to offer. That’s where we come in - we have created a line of tools for needleworkers - tools which can be customized, and which can be branded with logo, marketing message, address, phone number and web site. Whenever the needleworker picks up a project, our customers’ tools are right there, being useful - and reminding the customer were to go for supplies and support! Copyright  © 2011 • PR Promotions LLC This clear acrylic thread palette has 8 holes for organizing project threads, as well as a large space for your brand, and message.  Now your customers can see your logo and selling proposition every time they pick up their project.  This palette has sold for $10-15 retail. This hornbook-style palette has holes for 12 threads, along with a ruler and a hole at the top for attaching to other palettes or project materials.  This design contains a large space for your logo and marketing message.  This palette has sold for $10-15 retail. We will work with you to customize the number & size of holes, the design of your logo and/or message.   We will even help you create your own product.  Don’t give your promotional materials away - make them valuable and allow your customers to purchase them! We have designed generic tools and shapes that can be customized with your name, logo and messaging. We can also work with you to create new products or configurations that would meet specific needs of your customers. Now you can earn back revenue to support your promotional marketing, and maybe even earn a profit! Needleworkers Rule, a highly functional project tool, contains 10 holes for threads and a 6-inch ruler, with 1/4” and 1/8” markings.  The space for the name can be customized with your name and small logo.  This ruler has sold for $6-10 retail. This heart-shaped thread palette contains 12 holes for project threads, and a large for logo, message or reference information. This particular configuration is large - 5”+ wide, but it can be made larger or smaller. This palette has sold for $10-15 retail. Our message should be clear - you need not be constrained by a catalog of manufacturers ideas about promotional items for your shop or business.  If you can imagine a tool or device that would be useful and desirable, you can now have it made and customized.  You no longer have to think of promotion only as spending money in hopes of getting a prospect’s attention.  You can now recover your costs and more - by designing and creating a new product your customers will appreciate - and pay for!  And each time they use it - your brand is right there - in the customer’s hand! You can develop a promotional program that pays for itself!  We want to help you develop new creative relationships with your customers - new ways to ensure that your company is top-of-mind when your class of products or services are needed.  Contact PR Promotions today by email - I want to create a custom product! - or by phone at 614-442-8089.  We are committed to finding new ways to put your brand - in the customer’s hand! If you are a retailer - come see our brand -                  Stitcher’s Palette - and order for re-sale from Norden Crafts, our exclusive distributor!